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Endodontic surgery for everyone

Afternoon course with Retroplast

This is the course for you who:

  • Root resections seem to be difficult, unpredictable and have an uncertain prognosis.

  • Have basic or no routine in performing surgical interventions and would like to improve your "endodontic surgery"

  • Have questions you would like clarification on before you start your first/next operation

  • Who may not intend to use Retroplast, but would like tips and tricks to improve your own method

  • Will be with "over the shoulder" in a small team


The course has a direct focus on achieving safety with root resections with Retroplast. We look in particular at how to locate and perform a correct resection of the root and how to achieve good hemostasis before the root filling.

We therefore easily skip over basic topics such as anamnesis, local analgesia, suturing, pre- and post-operative information and focus on what you find difficult in this discipline. The teaching is evidence-based. We do not get lost in articles, charts and graphs but have a very practical and clinical approach to the subject.

Limited number of participants (max. 8 participants) ensures good and open communication, and a guarantee of getting answers to all the questions that you might not dare to ask in larger gatherings.


There will be an alternation between theory and practice with live surgery by the two course providers

  • Material choice: Retroplast or others

  • Diagnostics and treatment options (map)

  • Selection of teeth (level of difficulty)

  • Medical history (contraindications, anticoagulants, bisphosphonates)

  • Instrumentarium, headlamps and microscope

  • Surgical technique and suturing

  •  2 Live operations easy/intermediate level (you can wander between the 2 operations)

  • Hands on training with Retroplast

  • Information for the patient postoperatively

  • Pain management

  • Conclusion, Discussion & questions

The course entitles to 5 course hours


Where – When – How

Clinic For Surgery & Endodontics

Puggaardsgade 17 st., 1573 Copenhagen V.


On 23 May 2024 at 16.30 - 21.00

Price DKK 4995 incl. VAT          

ATTENTION! Bring clinic clothes and shoes as well as any magnifying glasses

A single course does not make a master. Therefore, at the end of the course, the possibilities for an effective follow-up program are reviewed.

Course providers

Image Alis.jpg

Thomas Foldberg

Dentist, with referral practice in retrograde surgery in Copenhagen for the last 25 years. Experienced course provider and lecturer. Entrepreneur and plastic manufacturer.

Alice Thorup

Dentist Ph.D., former lecturer at Copenhagen School of Dentistry. Employed primarily  with endodontic surgery since 2005

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